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The New Caribbean Jewel Just Begging For Discovery

The Caribbean has long been a popular destination for

travellers and expats alike, seeking a warm welcome, fresh food and reliable

year-round weather. However, all this tourism has often come at a price. Over

time, successive areas of the Caribbean have turned from charming seaside

idylls to souvenir-selling tourist resorts. Those that have maintained

their charm are often so over-priced that they are out of

the question for many tourists.

This creates obvious problems for tourists seeking to visit

– or even move to – the Caribbean.

Now, however, a bright new hope sits on the horizon. After a

decade of careful and sensitive investment this new hotspot promises to be the

perfect place to holiday – or even retire – for those who love the laid-back

Caribbean way of life and fresh seafood diet. Carefully created from the ground

up with tourists and expats in mind, this area has almost been “genetically

engineered” to tick every box that you or I might seek.

Here’s just a taster of what you can expect… Firstly, the

area has retained its old-school charm by deliberately and carefully

controlling development. High-rise buildings, for example, are banned and the

area is said to retain the sense of still being a sleepy seaside village in all

the best possible ways. This means that much of the “tack” found in popular

resorts has been avoided. Quite simply this is one of the most picturesque

areas in all of the Caribbean.

In terms of the practicalities of life, the area is no more

than a two hour drive from the nearest airport, along a brand new motorway

built specially to ferry tourists to the area. This

ensures minimal travelling times for both you and your loved ones to get to your

travel destination. There is also a world-class hospital ready to offer the

level of healthcare expected in most first-world countries and there are shiny

new grocery stores for easy shopping.

And then there’s the real estate market here. Early adopters

will find property prices here compare very favourably with the rest of the

Caribbean. The news gets even better; thanks to local laws it is even possible

to finance a property purchase with a locally-arranged mortgage rather than

trying to juggle the difficulties of arranging an overseas mortgage with your

home bank.

And the name of this new dawn in Caribbean living? Las

Terrenas in the Dominican Republic. Here the local government has been fiercely

encouraging and controlling development and has been deliberately turning the

area into the perfect retirement destination for expats. If you’re looking for

a possible retirement or travel destination in the Caribbean you could do a lot

worse than putting Las Terrenas on your itinerary.

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