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The Best Expat Retirement Destinations Revealed

Algarve, PortugalExpats live in a world full of possibilities.

International air travel is easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Border restrictions are lessening across the globe (especially if you’re a retiree with money to spend) and thanks to the Internet we have more information at our fingertips than ever before.

This wealth of choice also has one potential downside however – paralysis from analysis. With international travel so much easier and more affordable than ever before how on earth do you decide where to go?

Arguably this decision is most difficult for retirees. Youngsters might be happy to jump from country to country, and from continent to continent sampling everything that the world has to offer. But when you’re settling down to enjoy your retirement you want less “experimentation” – and more certainty.

Fortunately the experts at Live and Invest Overseas have you covered, and here at Expatriate Healthcare we’re always fascinated by their findings. International travel expert Kathleen Peddicord has once again headed up a team searching for the very best places to retire. And thanks to her team’s hard work we’re now able to boil down all the possible retirement destinations to a final “shortlist” of winners.

The eventual list is calculated by taking into account a wide range of factors, including standards of healthcare, climate, cost of living and the strength of the expat community in each destination. Thankfully the latest results of the Best Places to Retire Overseas survey is now complete and we can reveal the winners.

So what really is the best place to retire overseas?

In first place, for the second year running, comes the Algarve in Portugal. The Algarve is regularly touted as having one of the most “liveable” climates in the world but there is much more besides that retirees can enjoy.

First of all, few people could deny that the Algarve is a truly beautiful part of the world, rich in history and scenic beauty. The costs of living are also very reasonable when compared to other countries, with property being notably affordable.

For obvious reasons it has therefore become an expat hotspot – which means expat retirees can look forward to joining a passionate group of likeminded individuals making the most of all their hard work.

For expats looking for somewhere a little more exotic the second highest score was given to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. This tropical paradise has been popular with tourists for years and offers top-notch healthcare facilities and a thriving local community.

Rounding off the top three results comes beautiful equatorial Belize – most notably the area of Cayo. Here visitors can enjoy an astonishingly reasonable cost of living, combined with historic sites and tropical jungle to explore.

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