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The Best Countries in Europe for Active Expats

 If lazing around on the beach, basking in the sun while you’re served cocktails doesn’t sound like heaven to you, then it’s okay, we can forgive you. If you’re more of an active expat there are plenty of destinations that will fulfil your desire for activity.

If you’re moving to a new country, we understand you want to get the most out of your new home, so we have compiled a list of some of the best countries in Europe for you energetic expats.


Whether it’s summer or winter, Norway has some great opportunities for active expats. Hiking, biking, rafting and skiing are some of its most popular activities.

Its impressive fjords and mountains make the perfect setting for exhilarating experiences such as white water rafting, kayaking, glacier hiking, boat rides and cycling during the summer. In winter, Norway also offers a huge selection of activities to get the blood pumping. Dog sledging, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing are just some of the exciting ways to experience the Scandinavian country.

Of course, Norway is one of the countries perfect for chasing the Northern Lights. Head to Tromsø and you can take a northern lights safari, just remember to wrap up warm.


Iceland is another Nordic nation designed for those who like to be outdoors and active in all weathers. Its dramatic landscape that occupies geysers, glaciers, hot springs and lava fields makes this extreme country the ideal place for adventure.

The country offers a large selection of activities all year round such as glacier hiking, ice cave tours, snowmobiling, snorkelling and so much more. Sitting around doing nothing just isn’t an option in this country and so if you always want to be on the go, exploring some of the most amazing scenery, this country is for you.


Many consider Portugal to be just a relaxing sunshine escape but this southern European country is actually quite the activity hub.

Portugal is a dream destination for keen surfers with many famous surfing spots including Ericeira, the Lisbon Coast and Peniche.

The Alentejo Coast also has so much to offer in terms of activities with snorkelling and sailing being particularly popular.

If you head further inland, you’ll find some wild, deserted mountain bike trails and there are also plenty of adventure parks which offer high rope courses, diving experiences and lots more for those that need their adrenaline fix. After a fun-filled day of activities, you might want to go and relax in one of Portugal’s many vineyards.


Slovenia is known for its ski resorts but this spectacular country is so much more than just that.

Slovenia is a hiking paradise with 10,000 kilometres of dynamic and untouched hiking trails. Not only this but Slovenia is home to an abundance of azure lakes and rivers which makes water adventures extremely enticing. Rafting, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding and swimming are all available at the country’s natural water sources and are made irresistible by the water’s cerulean glow.

The country’s dynamic landscape with endless natural beauty also makes it a superb place for biking and with the Mediterranean climate you can cycle pretty much all year round.

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