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Taiwan Ranked the World's Best Expat Destination

InterNations 2016 Expat Insider Survey has revealed Taiwan to be the best place in the world for an expat to live. Taiwan itself was championed for its enviable financial comfort for expats, as well as the quality and affordability of healthcare in Taiwan.

The survey itself covers a wide range of topic and focuses upon expatriate’s happiness regarding a variety of factors related to their country of residence and personal lives abroad. More than 14,000 respondents representing 174 nationalities took part in the survey. They answered questions about settling in to their new country, family life, personal finances, quality of life, and working abroad.

Malte Zeeck, founder of InterNations, commented: “Taiwan is our big winner. It’s the best place for quality of life as well as for personal finances. They are doing something very right there.”

Ecuador has held the top spot for the past two years, but has slipped into third place behind Taiwan and Malta. Not only did Taiwan claim first place this year, the country is also in the top ten rankings for every single individual index result.

Taiwan ranked well in the Working Abroad Index, securing second place. 34% of expats in Taiwan are satisfied with their jobs, which is double the global average. 34% were also happy with their level of job security, and 30% of those surveyed champion their work life balance. The country scored highest in the Friendly Attitude toward Families with Children category, with 58% of expats agreeing with this statement. The worldwide average is 39%, so Taiwan is soaring in this department.

In terms of overall satisfaction with life in Taiwan, 93% of those surveyed expressed general contentment. This put Taiwan in second place in this index, with understandable favourite, Spain, taking the top position.

Also included in the top ten countries for expats were Mexico, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia, Austria, Luxembourg and Czech Republic.

Some countries did not fare so well, and the bottom three remain unchanged from 2015. Kuwait, Nigeria, and Greece have remained in the lowest possible places in the rankings. Kuwait even managed to go down in each index this year, particularly in the Personal Finance and Working Abroad Indices.

Greece actually performed modestly in the Ease of Settling In Index, rising from position 41 last year to 27 this year. However, it is second to last in the Family Life Index, and last place in both the Working Abroad and Personal Finance Indices, which counteracts any positive progression in other categories.

Nigeria dropped from position 10 to positon 32 in the Personal Finance Index and, considering it holds last place for both the Quality of Life and the Cost of Living Indices, there was no positive progression in any other areas that could have saved Nigeria from its fate in the rankings.


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