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Switzerland is the Best Place for a Career Abroad

Despite the stereotypical imagery of silk-smooth chocolate, cuckoo clocks and yodelling – Switzerland is very contemporary. According to expats, the country is the best all-round destination for a career abroad. They state that working in Switzerland has increased salary prospects, improved working atmospheres, and provided enviable job security.

According to HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, almost two thirds of expats in Switzerland state that the country offers higher salaries than their home countries. 53% of expats love their working culture in Switzerland and 43% feel secure in their jobs.

Europe as a whole was strong, providing the four best career destinations in the world. Switzerland in the top spot, was closely followed by Sweden, Germany, and Russia. The rest of the top ten is dominated by Asian and Middle Eastern career hotspots, including Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. The USA offers the best destination for careers in the Americas and ranks as tenth best overall.

HSBC’s survey ranks each country based on eight criteria. These are then collated together to reveal which countries enable expats to thrive professionally. These categories include: the chance to acquire new skills, career progression, job security, actual and progressive earnings, benefit packages and work/life balance, as well as fulfilling work and the work culture.

The European countries topping the rankings are popular with expats who value the non-financial side of their occupations. The UK, which is in twentieth place, is one of the best places to develop career enhancing skills. Three in five expats state that the UK offers better opportunities for progress compared to their home countries.

Expats in Sweden benefit from the best work/life balance in the world, with 72% of expats finding a much better balance than at home.

Earning potential varies through the whole of Europe, but the continent is championed for its job security. Job security in Europe is rated highest in the world, with four out of the top five countries boasting this occupational benefit. Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and France are the four top countries, with 59% of expats in both Sweden and Germany feeling more secure in their job after moving there compared to at home.

In the bottom position is the Philippines. The country ranked extremely low for job security, work/life balance and career progression. Turkey, Italy and Egypt all ranked poorly. Surprisingly, despite Spain ranking in ninth position for a happy work/life balance, it is not favoured by expats for its career progression or job security.

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