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Research Reveals Holiday Worry Gender Differences

VacationYour annual holiday is meant to be the one time of year where you can truly unwind and distance yourself from the worries of everyday life. However a recent study by Nationwide Building Society suggests that this may not necessarily be the case.

For example while the average summer holiday measures in at 9 days, 26% of survey participants admitted it took them up to three days to truly unwind. 10% said it took them even longer – meaning that many people aren’t able to fully enjoy half of their time away.

Being abroad also isn’t necessarily enough to detach people from the very life they’ve left at home. Respondents still claim they spend an average of an hour a day on their mobile phones and 15% of people will still make work calls while away. It seems in today’s “always on” society even annual leave isn’t enough of an excuse to leave the world behind.

Worse, the study found that 38% of British holiday-makers feel ill or rundown while they are on holiday, making it more difficult for them to enjoy themselves. Due to the propensity of such incidents it is clear that having suitable health insurance is essential.

With almost 4 out of every 10 Brits feeling bad while away from home, it is critical to have cover that will allow for swift and appropriate treatment should it become necessary.

A third of people (32%) worried about coming back to reality after their time away and almost a quarter of people return home more stressed than when they left.

What is perhaps even more interesting that these findings are what we all worry about before our annual vacation – and what it reveals about gender differences.

Asked if they got worried before a holiday, 20% of men said they didn’t worry about anything. For women, however, the figure is much lower – with just 9% of ladies not worried about anything before a break.

The biggest worry cited about vacation time was forgetting something important. However women are 18% more likely to worry than this than their male counterparts. The second most prevalent worry was missing their travel arrangements such as taxis, flights and ferries.

Interestingly the third biggest worry revealed is being covered by suitable insurance if anything goes wrong. This underlines the importance of utilizing a health insurance provider like Expatriate Healthcare so you can rest easy while away. With 34% of people worried about what will happen in the case of problems it makes sense to invest in a suitable policy so you really can relax worry-free while aboard.

Other common worries included getting sun-burned, overspending while abroad and all the trouble of laundry and unpacking on arrival at home.

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