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Parisian property 'retains value'

The outlook for French property appears positive, with Paris and tourist spots both named as prime locations for buyers by a real estate expert.

Christopher Chadd, head of research at Property Frontiers, said that while many people understand the benefits of living abroad, most never put their dreams into action.

Following the release of a new report ranking France as the most desirable European country to live in, Mr Chadd added that the nation offers a great deal of opportunity for investors.

Buyers choosing Paris’ "prime city centre stock" will find it retains its value well, he advised, while areas popular with holidaymakers such as the Languedoc region could offer good-value deals.

Mr Chadd explained: "The French government operate leaseback schemes, which can see investors see returns of seven per cent plus, guaranteed for 25 years."

Published by comparison website uSwitch, the study rated European countries on their quality of life, commending France for its longer life expectancy, good healthcare and low retirement age.

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