Overseas Health Insurance News: Things those moving to Dubai always want to know -
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Overseas Health Insurance News: Things those moving to Dubai always want to know

There are several questions that anyone moving to Dubai to become an expatriate always want to know so that they can prepare themselves.

That is according to Annabel Kantaria, who has been an expat in the city for a long time and has seen her fair share of incomers arrive.

In an article written for the Telegraph she has identified what these questions are with an emphasis on a female spouse who might be moving to Dubai due to their husband’s job.

The first question is to do with wages, as most people want to know what the going rate is and whether what they have been offered is reasonable.

Further to this they want to be reassured that it is quite easy to live on such a salary in a place like Dubai, which has a reputation for opulence.

Ms Kantaria said there are a lot of costs to take into consideration when doing calculations in this area and newly arriving expats should be aware of them.

They include the relatively high water and electricity bills, but also items such as ID cards, driving licences and expat health insurance.

For many expats it is not just them and their wives who are entering the country to live, but also their children.

This means that the second question is often about which are the best schools to send them to, but the answer, according to Ms Kantaria, is that most expats will not be able to be too choosy.

Schools in Dubai are oversubscribed and finding one which will take on new students is somewhat of a coup.

New expats often ask why there are so many four-wheel-drive cars on the road in Dubai and the simple answer is that many people feel safer in a large car on a 12-lane road with a large proportion of bad drivers around.

Ms Kantaria’s advice is specific to Dubai, but brings up relevant questions for anyone moving abroad.

Asking someone who has already made the switch to a destination can help to anticipate issues which had not occurred to new expats before they decided to leave their home country.

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