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Overseas Health Insurance News: 'Research overseas property' before making a purchase

Expatriates that are considering relocating abroad and buying a new house should visit the building beforehand.

This is according to real estate investor and founder of Your Property Club Brett Alegre-Wood, who said conducting research is his "biggest tip" for those buying a home overseas.

People must not be reliant on exhibitions, he stated, pointing out this is a "closed system specifically designed to close you emotionally on a property that may not actually be as nice as the glossy brochure".

Solicitors are present in these events so the transaction can be performed quickly, the expert continued.

The situation is contrived in order to encourage visitors to buy a house, which should never be considered to be a positive thing, he argued.

Instead, it would be a better idea to buy the aeroplane ticket and examine the place before making any purchases, Mr Alegre-Wood claimed.

He highlighted property in Australia, which is currently reaching the peak of the market, with house prices beginning to decline if anything.

While international buyers ought to stop investing in real estate down under, they are still doing so, the specialist noted, asserting that members of the public appear to incorrectly believe the value of these assets will increase continually.

At present, with the Australian dollar in a particularly strong position and with the real estate market reaching the top, individuals really should consider buying in another market.

It would be fine for a person to sell a house in the country if they already lived there, but investors from other nations would be better placed looking in other locations, he suggested.

Wherever a person relocates abroad to, it is advisable for them to invest in expatriate health insurance.

According to the US Department of State, a large number of domestic health insurance plans will not cover people who require healthcare treatment overseas.

Furthermore, some foreign medical facilities refuse service to uninsured individuals or will ask for payment in cash before providing any service, while other countries require all international visitors to have an accident or travel insurance policy.

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