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Overseas Health Insurance News: Remember remember the fifth of November

On November 5th expatriates from Britain across the world think about the events being celebrated at home for Bonfire Night.

With this in mind, Cheapflights.com has put together a list of the top ten fire festivals around the world, which many of which may not quite be the same as those held in the UK, but will give expats a taste of home.

Here is a selection of some of the most interesting which expats may wish to take part in.

Six huge torches are paraded around a temple at Fukuoka in Japan to mark the country's oldest and largest fire festival in January.

The Oniyo, as the festival is known has been celebrated for 1,600 years and is designed to drive away evil spirits.

Meanwhile an island called Jeju off the coast of South Korea has a relatively new festival which harks back to agricultural traditions.

For 20 years the people of the island have held a fire festival complete with torchlight procession in order the farmers setting alight to old grass as a certain part of the year.

This improved the grass for the following year and killed off harmful insects and became the precursor to the community based festival of today.

Closer to Bonfire Night and more widely heard of by many expats is the Hindu festival of lights or Diwali, held from November 13th to 17th.

It is celebrated in a variety of places from India and Myanmar, to Singapore and Mauritius and it is common for fireworks to be let off.

Further to this small earthenware oil lamps known as diyas are used to decorate shops, homes and public places.

There are also a number of elaborate feasts held for diwali, which represent a good way for expats to engage with local people and their culture.

Guatemalans hold their Quema del Diablo festival which translates as Burning of the Devil festival at the beginning of December.

Devil figures are burned in the streets along with firework displays in order to ward off spirits before the festive Christmas period begins.

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