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Overseas Health Insurance News: Oslo and Stockholm 'good markets for investors'

Now is a very good time for expatriate health insurance policyholders to invest in Scandinavian countries, a property expert has said.

Alessandro Bronda, head of global investment strategy at Aberdeen Asset Management, commented that all Nordic markets are expected to out-do the eurozone with regard to employment growth, while foreign investment in the region is set to continue doing well – good news for expatriate medical insurance customers considering relocating abroad.

Speaking during the Global Investment Club webinar hosted by Property Week, Mr Bronda revealed that Norway and Sweden have been witnessing most of the deal activity in the Nordics this year.

He advised prospective expats to look to these two countries when thinking about investing in a home overseas.

"Oslo is a market that I think is very good," he commented, adding that expats will have to find a local agent who can source first-class property, as sometimes the market makes it difficult for foreign investors to access the best homes.

"Better is actually Stockholm – there are more opportunities in Stockholm," Mr Bronda added.

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