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Overseas Health Insurance News: Guide to finding the best suited school abroad

Expatriates moving abroad often take their whole families with them and as well as ensuring there is somewhere to live, it is important that that children feel settled in their new country.

One of the biggest tasks involved in ensuring this is the case is choosing the right school and this does not just mean that the establishment has a good reputation.

There are different types of expats and children of varying ages, which means that a number of questions need to be answered in the quest for the school which best suits the child's needs.

The basics

The age of the child and the intended length of stay in a country will have a bearing on the type of school chosen. If parents are expecting to stay in a destination for the foreseeable future it is often viable to go to a local school.

This will mean that the child will make friends with others from the country in which they live and be exposed to the language. This works especially well if the children are younger, giving them more time to feel integrated before sitting important exams.

Families that move to different countries every few years are likely to find that an international school is more suited to their needs. It means that they will be taught in English and the schedule of work will follow a recognised syllabus.

They will then be able to pick up where they left off in their next destination and carry on with the International Bachelorette.


Finding out about all the schools in the area is a good idea and there are often expat organisations that can provide a list, as well as advice. Look at their prospectuses and get an insight from others within the community who have sent children there.

Remember to involve your children in the process as it is they who will be most affected by the decision in the long run. Visiting several different schools will help them to compare and contrast and feel like they are contributing to the choice.


For many children, school is the first stage of a long formal education and it is important that they obtain the right qualifications to go on to the next stage. They may go to university abroad or even return to their country of birth. Finding out how the exams sat at the school will translate into credits later on in their education is important information to ascertain.

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