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Overseas Health Insurance News: Expats should check tutors' credentials

Many expatriate parents employ tutors to help boost their children's chances of getting into a good university, but they should be aware that those fulfilling such roles are not regulated.

Formal education requires teachers to have certain qualifications, but tutors can seek work in the field without such documentation, reports the Telegraph.

Instead of going through an agency alone some expat families have approached teachers at their child's school to see if they are prepared to take on some extra tutoring in their spare time.

This has a number of benefits including a familiar face for the child, a working knowledge of the syllabus and often lower fees than those charged by private tutors.

Another approach is to ask fellow expat families if they have engaged the services of a tutor in the past as nothing beats a personal recommendation.

This can be particularly useful if the family has a child a little bit older and the outcome of the tutoring has been established.

Matching this up with their qualifications and conducting a face-to-face interview will ensure that all areas are covered and the tutor suits the child's needs.

Getting the child involved in the process of choosing a tutor is also a good idea in order to get as much out of the situation as possible.

If they feel they have had a say in the matter then they are less likely to push against the decision to give up some of their free time for additional learning.

Establishing the goals that all parties involved want to achieve early on is also an important way to make sure that having a tutor is worthwhile.

These aims often centre around passing specific tests or gaining a certain standard, but ensure that these are possible within a given time period.

Then check back and see whether progress is being made towards these aims on a regular basis.

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