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Overseas Health Insurance News: Expat fined after window fall

A British expatriate living in Dubai has been fined for causing damage to a car after falling from the window of his office.

In his defence, the man said that he had been trying to catch a parrot when he fell from the first floor of a building in the Al Quoz industrial area, reports 7 Days.

The expat was taken to hospital with a broken hand and was lucky not to have sustained more extensive injuries when he fell onto the Ford Focus.

At the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours, he was found guilty of damaging property and given a fine of 2,000 Emirati dirhams (£337).

In official records, the defendant gave his version of the events which led up to the accident.

He said: "I saw the bird flying around inside the office and I tried to catch him. I leaned on the window and was surprised when the glass broke and lost balance and fell. I landed on a car which was parked under the building."

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