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Overseas Health Insurance News: Evangelical churches proving popular with expats in Sweden

There are times of the year, such as Christmas and Easter, when those who are not regular church-goers will attend a mass and obtain a sense of community.

For expatriates all over the world this can be particularly important, as being away from friends and family during holiday periods can be tough.

In Sweden there has been a trend for expats joining evangelical churches more than ever, as the non-traditional institutions offer help, support and a chance to meet new people, reports the Local.

Many of these churches offer services in English, which make them accessible to those who may not have got to grips with Dutch.

One US-born expat told the news provider: "I was never particularly religious, but moving around in the expat world made me search for a deeper meaning, for both my family and me.

"The modern churches give room to explore and the kids enjoy the more exciting atmosphere. We also get to meet people like us, who are foreigners living in a foreign land."

Memberships of churches in general are declining across Sweden, but many evangelicals are seeing their congregations grow and this is due in no small part to the number of foreigners joining the ranks.

Another expat explained their motivation: "We've made a lot of friends at our church. Some are foreigners like us but a lot of them are Swedes, and that's helped us have a soft landing as we find our way in our new country."

But evangelical churches are not the only religious establishments in the country offering a place to English-speaking expats, with the English Church in Stockholm dating back to the 1800s and the city's cathedral conducting services in English on a regular basis.

And at the English Church there are open discussions held over coffee after the sermon each Sunday, which allow parishioners to get involved.

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