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Overseas Health Insurance News: Cornish expats can now keep up to date with community news

Expatriates from Cornwall who now live abroad can still keep up to date with all the latest news from their former community as a local newspaper has launched a digital version especially for them.

The Cornishman is now available in a version perfect for reading on a PC, laptop or tablet device and comes with the same £1 cover price as the paper edition, reports Hold The Front Page.

Being able to keep informed on news, sport, entertainment, property and the like will help expats not to feel as homesick and help them reintegrate should they return to the UK.

Jacqui Walls, editor of the Cornishman, told the news provider: "Cornwall has a huge diaspora, with more Cornish people living in Australia than currently live in the county itself."

This has led to the launching of the digital edition, something which expats will appreciate as there tends to be a limited number of UK newspapers sold abroad and often it is difficult to get them on the day they were published.

Some newspapers, such as the Daily Mail, have an edition printed in Spain, due to the high number of Brits who now live there.

Ms Walls said: "Launching just before Christmas, we hope a subscription to the new online edition might also make an ideal present for readers with friends and family living away from Cornwall."

Anyone contemplating what to get expats as presents may find that a subscription to their favourite magazine or periodical is a great idea.

Lots of monthly magazines offer such services to international customers and it is a gift that continues to give for the rest of the year.

It also means that friends and relatives in the UK do not have to worry about packaging such items up and sending them abroad.

With magazines produced on a whole host of subjects, there is something to interest every expat and will give them a welcome taste of home each month.

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