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Overseas Health Insurance News: Canada is the destination for the happiest expats

Nine in ten of the Brits that move to Canada are happy with their lives, according to a new study.

The findings from GlobalVisas.com is in contrast with those who chose China, where just 44 per cent of expatriates lead contented lives.

Many people make the move abroad to improve their standard of living and if this is successfully achieved they are happy, but cultural difference is the biggest cause of discontent.

Liam Clifford of GlobalVisas.com said: "There's often a cultural shock when moving abroad, but in the majority of cases this fades over time and things get easier.

"However, in some instances, it might be the case that the lack of assimilation in a new life can cause loneliness, which can only lead to further problems."

He went on to say that the best way to tackle such issues is to embrace the expat community in a new place and establish connections that stop you from feeling so alone.

Economic woes are another reason for unhappiness among expats, but it is not just personal money worries that can bring this on.

Financial crises in the countries they have moved on have a knock on effect and decrease the quality of life for inhabitants.

This has led to greater levels of discontent among Brits living in nations such as Greece, Spain, Argentina and Russia, while those that opted for Australia, Norway, Dubai and New Zealand are happier.

Mr Clifford added: "It's good to see that the majority of expats are happy and that's the way it should be. One of the great benefits of modern life is how accessible the world is now. The opportunities afforded from living abroad should be embraced."

The study was complied with the responses of 1,632 expat Brits over the age of 18 living in many different areas of the world.

A proportional representation of happiness was revealed in each country by comparing the number of expats who said they were content against those who claimed to be the opposite.

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