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Overseas Health Insurance News: Buying British abroad

Most British expatriates have scoured the shelves of the shops and supermarkets in their adopted countries looking for alternatives to the products they were used to using in the UK.

Many will know that while Vegemite is widely available in Australia it is just not quite the same as Marmite and although there are other brands of tea, they just don’t compare to PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea.

Others use trips back home to bring some all important supplies back with them to see them through for a couple of months.

This is why when a shop is found in a far flung place that actually sells British products, expats jump on it and extol its virtues to all their expat friends.

With this in mind the Telegraph runs a yearly competition as part of its expat section where all those Brits living overseas can vote for their favourite shops selling everything from Hob Nobs to sliced bread.

Not only does this give expats the chance to recognise those retailers which provide a life line for them and link to home, it also allows them to let other Brits living in the locality to know about them too.

The news provider has reported that it has already had in excess of 50 votes for Delish Fine Foods in Upper Tantallon, Canada, where everything from Cumberland sausage to fresh fish and chips can be bought.

This is just one of around 50 retailers worldwide which has been nominated, with the crumpets at Barcelona’s Taste of Home and the 1,000 products from the UK at Queensland’s Britain on the Bayside both getting a mention.

While expat life is about integrating with a new community, there will always be things that people miss from home when they live abroad.

That is why it is great to show appreciation to those shopkeepers who bring so much joy in the form of a can of baked beans or a packet of jaffa cakes to all those Brits who want to be transported home momentarily through their taste buds.

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