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Overseas Health Insurance News: 34% of expats in Saudi Arabia looking to leave

Around 34 per cent of the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia wish to return home, according to a survey which has been carried out by HSBC.

It found that the increased cost of living, the difficulty of integration and the expensive nature of raising children in the kingdom is leaving many with the desire to relocate.

Mohammed Shams, a leading economist, said: "Despite the strong economy and the pull of job opportunities, it is unhealthy for the Saudi economy to let expats leave.

"They are the driving force of the economy. I particularly mean the professional expats who have been working in Saudi Arabia for long years and they know very well how the Saudi business is developing fast."

He suggested that the next generation of Saudi nationals be trained up in order to take on the jobs which expats leave behind.

The survey found that 70 per cent of parents from abroad living in the country had seen costs relating to their children increase, which makes things difficult.

Many move to Saudi Arabia with the promise of a higher rate of pay, but as salaries go up, so does the price of living, meaning that fewer people are managing to save.

The environment in Saudi Arabia means that children must be supervised when outside or kept indoors, meaning they need to be entertained.

Further to this the majority of them cannot walk to school on their own, making transport a necessity and another cost to bear.

It is not clear whether all of those looking to leave Saudi Arabia would return to the UK or move to another country and continue the expat way of life.

For those who have been living this way for a number of decades the transition back to their home country can be as difficult as the original one was when moving to Saudi Arabia.

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