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Oman are Dedicated to Protecting Expat Workers

Oman’s Ministry of Manpower vision is to regulate and stabilise the labour market with qualified manpower who actively contribute to supporting the country’s economy. Part of their mandate is looking after the welfare of expat workers in Oman. Recently, the Omani press has revealed that the Ministry of Manpower has introduced new regulations to help protect the rights of expat workers.

The new guidelines are said to protect expats who receive no objection certificates from being reported as absconders by their employers. Businesses which file five or more complaints about staff not being present will be investigated by Omani authorities.

Before these guidelines were introduced, Omani some employers used absence to reprimand or sack staff. However, sometimes cases were often authorised absences, or the staff has been at work all along.

Expat workers will be able to challenge any cases of absconding put against then within a 60 day period of them being issued. They can submit their request in writing to the correct department along with any evidence or documents supporting their denial of the complaint made against them. If the employee is found to be telling the truth the complaint will be revoked. If the case is true the employee will be fined between OMR 400 (£813) and OMR 800 (£1,626).

Employers will have to report matters through the Ministry of Manpower’s website. Employers who do not follow the correct procedures will be fined OMR 500 (£1,626).


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