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Norway 'world's best place to live'

Expatriate workers planning their next move might consider settling in Norway after hearing the Scandinavian country has been named as the world’s most desirable country of residence.

According to United Nations (UN) data released today (October 5th), those living in Norway, Australia and Iceland enjoy the best quality of life. The countries ranked in the bottom three were Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.

The report’s findings indicate that life expectancy in Niger is 30 years less than that in Norway, where citizens live an average of 80 years.

In addition, for every dollar (63p) earned per person in Niger, $85 are earned in Norway, which took first place out of the 182 nations in the UN’s index.

Commenting on the results, the Human Development Report’s lead author Jeni Klugman, said: "Despite significant improvements over time, progress has been uneven."

"Many countries have experienced setbacks over recent decades, in the face of economic downturns, conflict-related crises and the HIV and Aids epidemic."

European Union citizens can find information about expatriate employment in Norway on the Eures website, a job mobility portal covering much of Europe.

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