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Worldwide Expat News - Page 19 of 292

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

Visas and Permits Explained

  This article is provided by, your global relocation centre. Access a trusted network of service providers such as international movers, local real estate agents and more. Immigration affairs can be intimidating for the uninitiated. One wrong move may mean an unsuccessful application, compliance issues for your employer or long-term implications for your international travel. In the article, we run you through the essentials you should know before the start of your expat life. Getting Started We often hear the words, visa and permit, ... Read more

Saudi Expats To Receive The Green Card

Expats in Saudi Arabia will feel a benefit of the nation’s economic shake-up as the country wants to introduce a US-style green card system within the next five years. Currently, expatriates are only allowed to remain in Saudi under the Kafala sponsorship system (which suffers with restrictions) or by investing through the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority. The new green card system will abolish the current set of rules and allow expats to remain in the country indefinitely, permitting them to buy, ... Read more

The 10 Best Culinary Hotspots for Jet Set Foodies

Whether on a voyage of cultural discovery, or aiming for the perfect tan on tropical beach, once the pangs of hunger hit it is only a matter of time before you sidle off to a restaurant and indulge in subsequent snooze. But, for the dedicated foodies of the world, who says you cannot plan part of your holiday around the gourmet offerings of the world? From street food vendors to Michelin star restaurants, there are unique cuisines catering to all palettes ... Read more

Madagascar: The Forgotten Jewel

The fourth largest island in the world, and just 250 miles off the coast of east Africa, Madagascar is a largely undiscovered corner of the world. Boasting 5% of the world’s animal and plant species, the idyllic isle is a dream destination for those seeking adventure. With natives speaking a mother tongue of Malagasy, intermingled with French, the island is not African, Asian or European and has a unique aura. Many travellers comment that Madagascar is the most fascinating and unspoilt location ... Read more

British expats in Europe living in fear of Brexit

With the 23rd June referendum looming closer, British expats in Europe are becoming increasingly anxious about the repercussions of Britain leaving the European Union, with experts predicting an exodus from the continent if the vote swings in Brexit favour. With the likes of France threatening to remove access to public healthcare for Britons in the country and Spain already loosing British expats by the day due to its economic woes, the referendum is breeding panic amongst expats and James McGrory, of the Stronger ... Read more

Data breach reveals expat details in Thailand

Passport numbers and personal details of thousands of foreign nationals living in Thailand were readily available to the public on the 27th March due to a data breach on the website when undergoing a test run for police, admitted by the site’s developer Akram Aleeming. The website was openly available to the public and the leak was picked up by social media users which resulted in the website going viral. The website carried an immigration police seal but it used a private Thai ... Read more

London is the world’s number one city on TripAdvisor

Beating the likes of famous cities such as Paris, Rome and New York, London has hit the top spot on TripAdvisor after the analysis of millions of visitor reviews ranking restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions. Jumping from sixth position in 2015’s Travellers’ Choice Award, London ranked eight spots ahead of its US counterpart New York and is now the only destination in the world to have secured the top ranking, having also reigned supreme in 2012. The 2012 Olympics saw London pushed as ... Read more

Many British expats will be moving back to the UK

The cliché of British retirees moving to warmer countries and living the lifestyle of their dreams may become a thing of the past. A third of British expats who settled abroad are planning on returning to the UK, figures suggest, in new findings published by NatWest International Personal Banking. In the study, 97% of expats stated they are dissatisfied with their experience abroad, citing an increased cost of living as a cause for concern. Furthermore, 99% of those asked pointed towards constant ... Read more

Scotland seeking expat doctors to return from Australia

Scotland is suffering from a shortage of doctors and Scottish health board officials are travelling to Australia in a bid to persuade expat GPs to return back to their homeland. The NHS Education Scotland delegates are planning on using the 2016 Ottawa medical conference in Perth as an opportunity to come face to face with Scottish expats to spark interest of returning to General Practice in Scotland. With a spokesperson for NES stating they were going to attend the Ottawa conference anyway as ... Read more

20,000 Saudis to replace expat phone shop workers

Stores selling mobile phones and accessories in Saudi Arabia are to ensure at least 50% of staff are Saudi nationals within 3 months’ time, escalating to a planned 100% in six months. This change comes after authorities in Saudi Arabia set out to ‘Saudise’ the working sector; agreeing to train up 20,000 nationals to replace expat workers currently in employment. Foreign workers will actually be banned from working in establishments selling communication devices in a bid to provide more jobs to Saudi ... Read more
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