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The Best Places to Live in Spain for Expats

Spain has always been a favourite destination for tourists. Its Mediterranean climate, its food and its culture all staking a claim to make it the most desirable country in Europe. A short while ago we gave you the pros and cons of expat life in Spain. Should you have now made your decision, you may be wanting to find where in Southern Europe’s largest country you should live. Spain has a population of just under 50 million, of which close to 13% is ... Read more

Tips for Moving Abroad for a Year

Moving abroad can be an exciting yet nervous time. Potential adventure is on the horizon but there’s also plenty to assess and plan. Last month we gave an outline on what you should consider when looking to relocate permanently. Is it any different though if you are looking to just experience life overseas for a short period? The reasons you are moving abroad may play a large part in what you need to do prior to arrival. If you are going for education ... Read more

The Pros and Cons of Expat Life in France

France is a country full of history, culture, cuisine and couture. It is a nation that for many, evokes visions of stunning countryside, incredible cityscapes, and vintage wines. These, among with many other factors, are why France is one of the leading choices for those looking to start a life abroad. Our recent study into the best cities in the world for mental wellbeing saw Paris ranking 20th. Its healthcare, fitness facilities happiness of residents and quality of sleep all fared exceptionally ... Read more

I Want to Move Abroad, Where do I Start?

This is a much-asked question. The idea of moving abroad, starting a new life and realising a dream is something contemplated by lots of us. But not as many actually follow through with the plan. Why is that though? Fear, uncertainty? It could be a host of reasons. Sometimes, it just comes down to not knowing how to put it into practice. Pre-covid, there were over 700,000 British expats living in Europe. That number looks like increasing too. If you have been ... Read more

The Best Solo Travel Destinations

Travelling on your own has increased in popularity over recent years. Many with a naturally inquisitive nature have been led to explore parts of the world by themselves. Current statistics say that 75% of Brits have either travelled alone or have put plans in place for a solo trip. Whilst the trips may be an aspiration, two sets of eyes are sometimes better than one. Especially in the planning stage. Questions about passports, visas and medical travel insurance are always better ... Read more

5 Ways to Enjoy a Unique Dubai Experience

What was once a small fishing village is now a favoured destination for tourists, expats and businesses. Dubai has, in the 21st century, expanded at a phenomenal rate, with the number of British people now living there at 240,000. That alone is just under 10% of the Dubai population! Add in other nations enjoying the expat Dubai lifestyle and you’ll see a staggering 85% of the population have moved from their home country to enjoy the benefits of life in the ... Read more

What’s the Best Place to Live in Canada for Expats?

Canada has always been a place full of contrast. Freezing winters, hot summers, varied cultures, it has a bit of everything. That is perhaps why a staggering 21.5% of the population have emigrated from another country. That equates to 8 million people settling in Canada as a new home. Where do they choose to live though and why? Our study into expat mental wellbeing showed Toronto fares well. It’s ranked the 6th best city in the world for Expats to live. With ... Read more

7 Fitness Tips for Expats in a New Country

Moving to a new country means starting a new chapter – which also means starting a new fitness routine. With everything else going on, like setting up your new home and starting a new job, your health and exercise might have to temporarily take a back seat. But once you feel more established in your new life abroad, you can start thinking about fitness again. Below are our seven health and fitness tips for expats who have just moved to a new ... Read more

The Pros and Cons of Expat Life in Spain

Spain is a very popular destination for expats in Europe. The country has a lot to offer, with sunny weather, spectacular landscapes, and a laidback lifestyle. But like any country, Spain also has its downsides. It’s important for anyone thinking of moving to Spain to weigh up both sides before committing to moving. Pros of Expat Life in Spain Cost of Living The cost of living in Spain is generally quite low, especially when compared to other European countries. Even in major cities, public ... Read more

The Most Romantic Travel Destinations in the World

Whilst travelling solo can be quite an adventure, there is something special about travelling with a partner. Exploring cities, discovering beautiful spots to relax in, and eating tasty local delicacies can all be improved when you can experience them with a loved one. You can make any travel destination romantic when you’re travelling with your partner. But if you want to find an extra special location for a romantic getaway, these are the most romantic travel destinations in the world. Paris, France Of course, ... Read more
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