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Worldwide Expat News

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Russia

Covering 6.6 million square miles and spanning two continents and nine time zones, there is no doubting Russia’s mammoth size and dominance in European and Asian culture. Despite being home to idyllic countryside and culturally rich cities, much of the world views Russia as an unwelcoming place due to its history and political standpoints. The Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, release their global Prosperity Index annually. The survey ranks the most prosperous countries in the world. Many assume prosperity is used ... Read more

Which Country Should You Retire To in 2018?

International Living revealed their best places to retire in the world at the start of this year. Their Annual Global Retirement Index analyses countries based on a wide variety of criteria, including residency options, cost of living, climate and property options. Transport, local governance and internet connectivity are also taken into consideration. 10th  – Peru With a low cost of living and 1,500 miles of unspoilt coastline from Ecuador to Chile, Peru is a popular choice for expats this year. It is easy ... Read more

It’s All About the US Dollar

Article provided by FX provider and Expatriate Group partner Halo Financial. Tough times for the USD The big news right now is all about the US Dollar, highlighting the close ties between political activity and the strength of a country’s currency. With the potential for a US government shutdown, Sterling has soared against its American rival and is nearing the $1.40 point, with the US Dollar’s other key currency pairing, the Euro, reaching above the €1.22 mark. There has been an enormous sell-off of the ... Read more

Your Guide to the Turks and Caicos Islands

When you look at a world map and draw your eyes to the West Indies you will see pin pricks of green dotted around the likes of Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Cast your eyes just north of Haiti and you will be met with the Turks and Caicos Islands, one of the Caribbean’s most overlooked archipelagos. The mass of 40 stunning low-lying coral islands can be accessed from the UK in around 8 hours 20 minutes via a direct flight. Turks ... Read more

Expats in the UK Fear for Their Finances

As the date and time for Brexit were announced (11pm on March 29th 2019) by David Davis in November of last year, expats residing in the UK and Europe felt more confused that ever. With little set in stone, speculation is rife and expats living and working in the UK are fearful about their futures. As a result of nearly 19 months of lacking information, expat’s trust in the UK handling their finances has deteriorated considerably. Every year the leading network for ... Read more

Investigating 5 of Europe’s Promising City Locations

London, Paris, Rome. Europe is famed for its cultural cities and countless tourists pilgrimage to these famed destinations every year. Whilst this is great for tourism in these cities, there are some often overlooked European cities that are equally as beautiful, equally as cultural, and equally as steeped in history. Would you consider one of the below for your next adventure? Split, Croatia Croatia, as a whole, has risen in popularity as a holiday destination and potential expat hive over the past few ... Read more

How to Secure a Job in the UAE

The UAE is a global financial and trade hub, offering countless employment opportunities. Many blue-chip companies have headquarters in the UAE and, along with the luxurious lifestyle many Emiratis live, make it a very popular destination for global job seekers. However, how can expats ensure success in a competitive market? Apply or Visit at the Right Time of Year Throughout the UAE, the job market is very seasonable, and this isn’t just due to spells of extremely hot weather. The United Arab Emirates is ... Read more

Bulgaria is Suffering from a Brain Drain

Compared to European powerhouses, Bulgaria has a relatively small population of around 7.1 million. Whilst this isn’t a problem in itself, a high death rate and low birth rate has seen the population decline. To add insult to injury, countless Bulgarians are also finding employment abroad and fewer than 10,000 return annually. Bulgaria was struck with high emigration levels between 1990 (when passports became easily available following the demise of communism) and 2007, the year Bulgaria became an EU member. During these ... Read more

A Guide for Retiring to Cyprus

Now eclipsing Spain as the Brit retiree’s new favourite destination, many are flocking to Cyprus. Mediterranean sun, affordability and genuine hospitality saw many older expats upping sticks and jetting to the island which is both Turkish and Greek. The Cost of Living in Cyprus Before joining the EU in 2004 and swapping the Cypriot pound for the euro in 2008, the cost of living in Cyprus was much lower than it currently is now. However, compared to the UK, there are still some ... Read more

The Most Affordable Places for Expats to Live in 2018

Many of us while away time at work daydreaming about escaping the rat race to live a simpler life. We envisage breakfast on a balcony. Daily sunshine. The coast on your doorstep. Whilst some of our perfect locations aren’t achievable yet, there are some destinations around the globe that could allow expats to work very little or retire early. Cali, Colombia Nestled just shy of Colombia’s coastline, Cali is a city that is fast becoming one of South America’s most popular with expats. Located ... Read more
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