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News - Expat Health Insurance

Expat Retiree Visas “Withdrawn” in Australia

Thanks to its fantastic climate and outdoor lifestyle Australia has long been one of the most popular expat destinations with Brits.Indeed Australia is now considered the most popular destination worldwide for Brits leaving home turf, with almost 1.3 million Brits currently living there. Of course it’s not just families and young professional relocating to Oz; increasingly the country is being seen as a suitable retirement destination.With high quality healthcare on offer, year-round sunshine and reasonable real estate prices outside the major ... Read more

The Best Expat Retirement Destinations Revealed

Expats live in a world full of possibilities.International air travel is easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Border restrictions are lessening across the globe (especially if you’re a retiree with money to spend) and thanks to the Internet we have more information at our fingertips than ever before.This wealth of choice also has one potential downside however – paralysis from analysis. With international travel so much easier and more affordable than ever before how on earth do you decide ... Read more

Where Are The Happiest People In The World Found?

Conversations about expat destinations or where to visit on your holidays often tackle subjects like the cost of living and the weather – but very rarely the local culture.But isn’t that just as important? Wouldn’t we all rather be surrounded by happy, satisfied people than whinging, dissatisfied ones?If so, you’re in luck.The World Happiness Report calls itself “a landmark survey of the state of global happiness”, and while the concept may sound “hokey” it is actually based on solid science ... Read more

Study of Expat School Fees Reveals Surprises

In many ways expats with school-age children have more to worry about when moving abroad.Should you, for example, take your children with you and school them in your adopted country? If so, should they attend a “local” school or alternatively one of the highly-rated international schools?A further option that many expat parents consider is boarding school in their home country, whereupon children can visit their parents during school holidays.Whilst it is true that the quality of education should really be ... Read more

1.4 Million Canadian Expats to Lose Voting Rights

There are an estimated 2.8 million Canadian expats living around the world. Now, roughly half of these individuals are to be banned from voting federally after a recent Court of Appeal decision.It is the latest episode in an ongoing saga which has seen the law swing first one way and then another for Canada’s many expats. In the recent past a constitutional challenge, approved by Superior Court Justice Michael Penny, allowed Canadian expats to vote once more on how Canada would ... Read more

UK Becomes Major Draw for Polish Expats

Over the years the United Kingdom has become a popular expat destination, especially for those from developing nations. At present there is one immigrant for every seven people born in the UK. That equates to just shy of eight million foreign nationals now living within the British Isles. The UK has truly become an ethnic melting pot to rival any other on earth.Now, however, figures from the Office of National Statistics have revealed the changing ethnic face of Great Britain. No ... Read more

New Hope for “Illegal” Expat Villas in Andalusia

As you may be aware, many expats who retired to Spain in the last few decades have found that buying their villa left a bitter aftertaste. In a saga which is still running today, the Spanish government has claimed that thousands of properties have been illegally built and so cannot remain.Without the right building permit paperwork many of these villas have been threatened by demolition. For obvious reasons the expats who bought in good faith have long sought a resolution that ... Read more

Research Reveals Holiday Worry Gender Differences

Your annual holiday is meant to be the one time of year where you can truly unwind and distance yourself from the worries of everyday life. However a recent study by Nationwide Building Society suggests that this may not necessarily be the case.For example while the average summer holiday measures in at 9 days, 26% of survey participants admitted it took them up to three days to truly unwind. 10% said it took them even longer – meaning that many people ... Read more

57,420 Expat Workers Abscond In Oman

Oman boasts one of the largest expat populations anywhere in the world; the Times of Oman records that over 1.7 million expats currently reside within Oman.Most of these have been drawn by the opportunities for work that exist there, where low salaries or unemployment in their home country make Oman a tempting destination.The majority of expats living in Oman hail from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, while Moroccans, Jordanians and Filipinos also feature prominently.That said, as reported here at Expatriate Healthcare ... Read more

Which Country Is Best For Expats? – Infographic

It's not until you're thinking about moving abroad that you suddenly realise just how many options there are. From The United Arab Emirates to the United States of America, from Ireland to Iceland, how do you know which expat destinations are best?Arguably one of the most useful strategies is to consider the factors that are most important to you. For example, if you're moving abroad for work, which countries offer the highest salaries to expats? Equally, the cheaper the costs of ... Read more
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