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New Zealand Beckons Expats with New Perks

It’s no secret that New Zealand is a truly beautiful country.

But this travel destination has more than good looks. In numerous expat surveys New Zealand has proven to be a most gracious host, offering reasonable salaries, an enviable quality of life and a truly friendly population.

No wonder, then, that so many expats have headed over to New Zealand in recent history. Very few of those who set foot on her golden shores ever plan to come home. But there’s a problem.

Actually achieving the necessary qualifications to be able to live and work in New Zealand can be tough. In the past many potential expats have been disappointed by just how difficult the points-based system can be to crack. Seemingly highly qualified individuals have struggled to achieve the scores necessary to be graced with that elusive visa.

Now, however, things may be changing for expats.

The government of New Zealand has just announced a new initiative which might just make moving to New Zealand that much easier – even for people who have failed to qualify in the past.

The reason for this change of heart is a simple one; while most expats end up living and working in Auckland, the capital, the reality is that other areas of New Zealand struggle far more to attract the in-demand expat talent they desire.

A new policy is therefore being put in place that will make moving to areas outside of Auckland that much more tempting. It may enable those who previously failed to achieve the necessary number of points to win a visa to gain an unexpected advantage, and they may find themselves able to settle in New Zealand after all.

The new initiative is a relatively simple one. If you fall into the skilled migrants categories you can now receive three times the number of points when applying for a position outside of Auckland rather than inside. Entrepreneurs seeking to establish a business outside of the capital will receive twice the number of points previously awarded.

For those potential migrants who have sought a New Zealand visa but failed as a result of lacking the necessary points, it is entirely possible that this new “bonus” scheme could well push your total over the required threshold.

This is great news for many expats, but also great news for New Zealand too. In such a way the country will not only be able to attract individuals with skills that are in short supply, but they will also be able to boost the economy in more rural areas.

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