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New Study Reveals the Foods Missed Most By British Expats

There are an astonishing 5 million British expats living overseas, a figure that has increased by 23% since 1990. According to repeated studies, most British expats enjoy a higher disposable income, more free time and a better quality of life. And that’s before we begin talking about the better climate that the top expat destinations like Australia and the USA offer. No wonder that 5% of Brits are considering moving abroad this year, seeking the good life abroad.

However despite all these many benefits, the life of an expat isn’t all sunshine and glamour. There will always be things that we miss about ”home” – whether that’s friends and family, the great British pub or a proper cup of tea.

Indeed, a new study has just been released in which British expats were asked specifically about which foodstuffs they miss most when they’re abroad. While far from surprising, the results are rather illustrative of the British way of life.

The survey, carried out by Moneycorp, found that the single most popular item that British expats pay to import into their new home country is Twinings teabags. And not just any old tea leaves either; Twinings English Breakfast tea. It seems that the international cliche of the British obsession with tea really might have some validity to it; even more so when you consider that #4 in the chart is taken up with PG Tips. That means that two out of the top five food products most missed by British expats are teabags.

But what about the other three? Well here too there are fewer surprises, with the winners being national favourites. In the number 2 position comes Cadbury’s chocolate; what many people consider to be the best chocolate in the world.

No wonder then that there was uproar recently when the American owners of Cadbury reported they would be changing the chocolate in Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. Additionally, as reported recently, a number of companies have been doing a roaring trade importing Cadbury’s chocolate into the USA for expats to enjoy; something that could shortly be coming to a close if Hershey’s get their way.

In position number 3, comes the perfect addition to a cup of tea – a nice biscuit. In this case it seems that for the Brits it has to be McVities, with a humble, some would say ”boring”, Digestive winning over the hearts of expat Brits.

Lastly in position number 5 comes good old Bisto. It seems old habits die hard, and even in other countries, the classic Sunday roast is still an essential part of the weekly routine. And what roast dinner wold be complete without Bisto’s well-loved gravy granules?

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