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New Study Reveals How Passengers Would Improve Air Travel

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with air travel.

On the upside there is the excitement of heading off on holiday, the chance to watch endless movies and the thrill of take-off and landing.

On the other hand, many of us would agree that there are just as many downsides of air travel. There’s the food, for one thing, the noise of other passengers and the boredom of long-distance flights for starters. And that’s without the endless security checks, baggage limits or “add-on” fees some airlines try to charge.

But what would really make air travel more enjoyable? That’s a question that Monarch Airlines recently asked 2000 adults. The results reveal a lot about how we view air travel, and what airlines can do to make our journeys with them more enjoyable. Let’s just hope that a number of airlines are paying attention, and will consider implementing the most popular changes.

So what did the survey find? How should airlines improve in order to make the experience of flying that much more enjoyable?

To begin with the most overwhelmingly positive response regarded on-board Wifi as standard. Over three quarters of those surveyed would like to see Internet connectivity within the next five years. As a result we would be able to connect to our friends on social media, surf the web or even stream music and movies straight to our devices.

The second most-popular suggestion came in the form of personalized TV panels. Rather than the existing range of movies and TV shows, respondents claimed that they’d like to see 3D entertainment as standard, plus the ability to shop for duty-free items from the comfort of their screen.

As anyone who has ever sat near a screaming child, or endured hours of having the back of their seat kicked will attest, flying with children can be somewhat problematic. This is worse still if they’re not your own children, and you’re subjected to hours of disruption, when in reality you just want to drift off to sleep.

It therefore shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that almost a third of people surveyed hoping for carefully segregated seating for children. In such a way there would be quieter areas for adults to relax, away from the noise and commotion.

While airlines have made concerted attempts over the years to improve the quality of meals on flights, many passengers find themselves less than wowed by the culinary delights offered on flights. A number of suggestions arose from the survey to try and resolve this issue. For one thing, almost a quarter of respondents suggested the installation of vending machines on planes, allowing self-service of food as and when desired.

Coming in a close second place regarding food was seeing high street food brands offered on planes, rather than the currently “anonymous” meals served up by most airlines.

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