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NatWest: Expats in Emirates most confident with their finances

A poll by lender NatWest has revealed expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are most confident about their finances.

The bank’s research found Brits who had moved abroad feel they are in a much better financial position than they otherwise would have been.

By assessing future property prices, changes in quality of life and employment prospects, the study concluded 87 per cent of Britons who moved away now think they are better off.

"The dream shared by many Brits of living a prosperous life abroad still appears to be alive and kicking, despite the global economic factors which have to some extent affected British expats," notes Dave Isley, head of international personal banking.

The UAE has raised objections to plans to establish the Gulf central bank in Saudi Arabia, but remains committed to monetary union, it has been reported.

It is now possible the region could soon move to a shared currency, in the same way most European countries adopted the euro.

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