Moroccan cost of living 'is off putting' for an expatriate -
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Moroccan cost of living 'is off putting' for an expatriate

People thinking of moving abroad and becoming an expatriate in Morocco have been warned that the country is more expensive due to its popularity with tourists, according to Orion Trek Voyages.

Jane Folliott, a specialist in Morocco and commercial director at the organisation, said that Morocco is not as cheap as people think so a potential expatriate should ensure they have a sufficient amount of money before moving to the country.

"People come and think Morocco is a very cheap country and it’s not necessarily. Its becoming more expensive and I think that’s an indication on how popular it’s becoming," she said.

Ms Folliott went on to say that a rise in the number of tourists was pushing up the cost of living in Morrocco.

"There has been a huge marketing push to get everybody there, but also the effect is that prices are going up because its become a popular destination," she added.

According to Business Monitor International’s Morocco Tourism Report 2008, 6.72 million tourists arrived in Morocco in the first 11 months of 2007.

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