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Migration 'a force for good'

Enabling people to live expatriate lifestyles and move freely between countries improves migrants’ life chances and boosts the economy of their adoptive countries, says new research.

Published today (October 5th) by the United Nations, the Human Development Report monitors both domestic and foreign migration in 182 countries around the world.

The study revealed that immigration generally improves employment prospects and encourages external investment in host countries.

Gains to migrants can also be significant, it suggested, as those from the poorest nations could enjoy a 15-fold increase in income.

United Nations Development Programme administrator Helen Clark said the findings demonstrated moving overseas "can be a force for good", but added that there needs to be a "supportive policy environment".

The report’s lead author Jeni Klugman called for a "new deal" for migrants, with economic and social reforms protecting both native and incoming workers.

Next year marks the twentieth anniversary of the annual study and forthcoming months will see academics and policymakers invited to contribute towards a special edition reappraising its contribution.

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