Long haul travel 'is easy' for an expatriate -
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Long haul travel 'is easy' for an expatriate

Expatriates are moving further away from the traditional destinations of Europe because more countries have opened up to the western world, according to a travel magazine.

Research by Luxury Travel magazine found that China was one of 20 predicted growth destinations in 2008 and this is because the country has been more accepting of westerners, claims Sharon Livingston the editor of Travel Magazine.

Sharon Livingston said: "The world is a big place, and places have been opening up more. Beijing is becoming more and more friendly. In the past it may have seemed a little unfriendly but it is now more user and western friendly."

According to Ms Livingston, more expatriates will be thinking of relocating to the Middle East following reports that there is a better quality of life to be had in the region.

She said: "As Dubai is a place that has been very popular, the other Middle Eastern countries are following suit. They will all be opening up as destinations."

Asia and South America are in the top five predicted growth destinations of 2008, according to Luxury Travel magazine.

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