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Lonely Planet Reveals Top Family Travel Destination in Europe

Lonely Planet has just released their “Best in Europe 2015” roundup and the results make for some fascinating reading. Clearly assessing the whole of Europe – not just by country but also in a more graduated manner – requires considerable time and effort. However Lonely Planet have now unveiled the top places in Europe you should visit for the ultimate family holiday.

For any families heading off abroad this summer, but with no concrete ideas of quite where to go, this list could soon become your best friend. Even more interestingly you might not have to go as far as you might think for a family-friendly holiday that you’ll remember for years to come.

According to Lonely Planet’s extensive studies, the destination which offers the ultimate European family travel is actually dear old Kent in the UK. The guide sings the praises of the “opportunities it offers curious young minds”. With a host of popular tourist sites, stunning beaches and sensitively-preserved old seaside towns, Kent really does have a lot to offer.

However Lonely Planet are also keen to point out that Kent doesn’t just offer a smorgasbord of opportunities for younger age groups; there are activities for all age groups and interest types.

The area is rich in natural beauty and offers an assortment of historic buildings, museums and art galleries for example.

Perhaps 2015 will go down as the year when the British staycation really came into its own.

Consider that Kent successfully beat other heavy-hitters like the Black Forest and Ibiza, historically tremendously popular tourist destinations. Couple that with the hottest British summer in the last nine years and the travel problems being experienced by France at present and staying home might just be the perfect solution.

Why worry about all the mayhem of taking children abroad when you could instead spend that travelling time relaxing and enjoying yourself with your children? Even better, you won’t need to miss your favourite TV shows or foods. Staying in the UK certainly has a lot of benefits for family holidays.

If you’d rather travel to somewhere slightly less familiar than Kent then the Lonely Planet list offers plenty of other options. County Kerry in Ireland came in a close second while the Black Forest in Germany rounds off the top three positions.

However there are surprises further down the list. Aland archipelago in Finland and Skomer Island in Wales are perhaps not destinations many people would consider for a European family holiday. However these are rated within the top ten; in position number six and nine respectively.

For couples less worried about a “family” holiday a secondary list provides the ultimate list of Europe’s best places to visit. The list is topped by Akureyri in Iceland, Leipzig in Germany and thirdly The Azores. Sadly here the UK is conspicuous due to its absence.

Beach-lovers can rest easy too. The three best beaches in Europe are apparently, in order, Jaz Beach in Montenegro, Peniche in Portugal and thirdly Rondinara Beach in Corsica. For staycationers Bantham Beach in England and Sandwood Beach in Scotland both receive special mention in the top ten European beach destinations.

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