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Kiwi expats returning home

Statisticians in New Zealand have reported the highest annual gain in net migration for five years during the last 12 months.

Expatriate workers affected by the recession may be among those returning to their native country and reportedly fuelling a recovery in the housing market.

Reuters claims forthcoming GDP figures will show that deflation is narrowing to 0.2 per cent.

According to national data office Statistics New Zealand, the country’s net migration gain was 15,600, rising from 4,900 in August 2008.

The number of people arriving on a permanent or long-term (PLT) basis rose by one per cent on the previous year.

In addition to the increase in New Zealanders returning, researchers also found fewer PLT departures were made. Moves to Australia were down by 1,800, while those to Britain fell by 200.

The New Zealand Herald invited expats considering a return to share their views. The poll received mixed responses with some concerned about the Labour government’s policies.

One reader wrote: "We seem more worried about an "h" in Wanganui than we do in addressing the real issues such as child abuse, crime and career welfare bludgers."

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