Italian property is 'safe' buy for expatriate Brits -
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Italian property is 'safe' buy for expatriate Brits

British expatriates looking for property in Italy will find it a safe country to invest in, says one local property expert.

Linda Travella of Casa Travella has been selling property in the country for 22 years and she believes now is a great time to buy, has reported.

According to Ms Travella, buying property in the country "has never been so easy or offered so many superb opportunities to buy at competitive prices".

Many of her clients are paying cash for properties, but those who do need to borrow, she says, can get competitive mortgages from local lenders.

Brits contemplating an expatriate life in Italy may need to weigh up the costs of international healthcare as well as mortgage payments and insurance.

"Italy is a safe country in which to purchase property and although property prices have fallen a little, interest has never truly waned," Ms Travella notes.

Italy is a popular tourist and expatriate destination, according to a the 2001 census, there were around 19,000 British expatriates living in the country at that time.

Mark Pawlak

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