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Is The British Passion for Staycations Declining?

Over the last few years a number of studies have found that staycations have gained in popularity among Brits. A combination of financial woes, the impracticalities of international travel for travellers with children and the growing UK tourism sector have convinced ever more of us to holiday at home.

Take last year, for example, a potential high-point for staycationers, with 72% of Brits stating that they planned to stay on home shores for their summer holiday. Last year studies found that the perfect British vacation was renting a holiday cottage in Cornwall close to the beach and a pub.

This year, however, if the latest figures are to be believed then it’s a case of “all change” with the majority of Brits planning to ahead abroad for their summer holiday this year. Research by Sainsbury’s reports that 67% of British adults are planning to head overseas at least once this year.

Interestingly it seems that many Brits are making their holiday plans earlier than ever before, with 12% of Brits having already booked their 2016 summer vacation before the end of October last year. A similar number plan to book their holiday in the next few weeks, meaning that by the end of February a quarter of all overseas summer holidays will be booked.

Due to the laws of supply and demand this rapid booking of vacations means that anyone planning for a foreign holiday, but as yet without plans, could do well to start planning as soon as possible in order to bag the best bargains.

Interestingly, the evidence suggests that this change won’t necessarily be at the expense of UK-trips – but that a large number of Brits are planning to take an overseas trip this year in addition to their trips away within the UK. Indeed, fully 58% of Brits stated in the survey that they plan to have both a holiday in the UK and one abroad.

Thanks to the rise in online services allowing one to source holidays, read reviews and effortlessly book flights an increasing number of people plan to dispense with the services of a travel agent, instead opting to book directly and bag a saving at the same time. Just 13% of people plan to use a travel agent while twice that intend to, or already have, booked their trips directly.

So how much are Brits spending on their 2016 vacations? According to the study, the average Brit will spend £846 per person before add-ons and spending money. 14% of Brits say they have saved all year in order to pay for their holiday, while 8% plan to simply put their holiday on a credit card and worry about the repayments later on.

Whatever your own individual circumstances might be, if you’re planning to book directly then be certain to have suitable travel insurance in case of accidents or emergencies while abroad.

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