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Irish Expats Encouraged to Return Home

Ireland is currently experiencing a booming economy and as a result has created high demand for workers in the healthcare, construction, IT and financial sectors. However, recruitment agencies are struggling to fill these roles and are desperately seeking skilled professionals.

It is estimated that some 100,000 Irish nationals flocked to the distance shores of Australia between 2008 and 2014, following the economic crash experienced in 2008. Australia was the destination of choice due to its then thriving jobs market in these particular sectors. Many of these qualified professionals had little in the way of career prospects in their home country and had to simply seek out new opportunities, albeit further afield.

Whilst Australia was the favoured destination, other countries also received large influx of Irish expats, including New Zealand, the US and Canada.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) recent migration statistics indicate that in the last year more Irish nationals returned to Ireland than left, yet this doesn’t appear to be enough for the growing economy in these industries.

Recruitment agencies are stopping at nothing to get back their skill professionals and fill the growing number of vacancies across these important trades, with one agency offering free flights home for Irish emigrants!

It is said that there are some 150 doctor, 100 nurse vacancies and around 120 constructions-related positions to be filled before January 2019. As they say, desperate times, call for desperate measures and FSR Recruitment will stop at nothing to find the right candidates for these roles.

Colin Donnery, general manager of FRS Recruitment, said: “During the recession a lot of qualified, educated people left these shores to seek out opportunities that simply were no longer available in Ireland. Many of these expats have since gone on to develop strong careers in Australia, growing their experience and maintaining impressive CVs.”

He added “There are plenty of Irish people working in these sectors in Australia who would be of great interest to employers back in this country. We know just how badly their skill-sets are needed in this market and how these great positions could provide a fantastic opportunity for returning home.”

The recruitment agency recently undertook a series of career events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, offering reimbursement of the cost of fights back to Ireland (up to the value of 1,000 Australian dollars) for all successful candidates and in some cases, the offer of relocation packages.

There are of course conditions, including commencement of employment within a three month time frame and receipt of the flight costs would be only after six months of continuous employment.

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