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International Healthcare News: 'Get legal advice' when buying home abroad

Among the things to consider when relocating abroad is obtaining independent legal advice throughout the property buying process, a lawyer has stated.

Savvas Savvides, partner at law firm Michael Kyprianou and Co, encouraged expatriate medical insurance policyholders to do their research in order to find the right legal practice to represent them.

In places such as Cyprus, it is "very important to seek out […] a contract that basically works in your favour and not in the favour of the developer", he pointed out.

By buying wisely, home purchasers should not encounter any problems, but expats should still check with their legal advisor to ensure that the building conforms to its permits and has no structural faults.

"A lawyer that knows exactly what he is doing will not hesitate to give you all this information in writing," Mr Savvides added.

Meanwhile, Nigel Lewis of the Digital Property Group has named British expatriates as the most enthusiastic people when it comes to buying homes abroad.

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