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Inspirational expat rehoming animals in Taipei

An English expatriate living in Taiwan has made headlines for his amazing efforts to rehome hundreds of rescue animals, including one particularly heart-warming tale involving a lovable Rottweiler who had been abandoned close to death.

Sean McCormack has spent the last 15 years in Taiwan after swapping the relative comforts of Folkestone, Kent, for a life in the far east. While there, he has devoted himself to helping stray animals who have been left in pounds.

Since rehoming his first stray, McCormick has committed to the noble venture full time and eventually inspired the creation of an animal charity in the Shanzhi District of Taipei, called The Sanctuary, which currently houses 200 animals for rehoming including dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits and hedgehogs.

Earlier this month, he featured in the Daily Mail after pictures emerged online showing the remarkable recovery of Rottweiller called Tiny. 

The friendly dog, who was just named Grand Champion in the RSPCA's Ruffs 2014 awards, was just a bag of skin and bones when he was found in a local pound by McCormack.

Severely emaciated, he had lost all his fur, and the kindly expat explains how he wasn't even sure what breed the animal was because of his decrepit appearance. It also appeared to those running the pound that he had given up on life. 

But after being taken home by McCormack and nursed to recovery, Tiny now seems like another animal entirely, happy, healthy and with a full coat of hair.

His recovery was so impressive, that his story made its way back to the RSPCA, who put him up for their awards show that is an alternative to Crufts.

The 46-year-old expat told the newspaper: "When I first saw Tiny, he was big, clearly very sick and, we were told, aggressive so we agreed to take him in. At first, I thought he was a mastiff because he was sin such a bad state that it wasn't clear to me what breed he really was."

It also transpired that Tiny, who is now being looked after by one of the shelter's volunteers, is far from aggressive and is in fact  "one of the sweetest" animals that McCormack has had the pleasure of looking after at The Sanctuary.ADNFCR-1788-ID-801707033-ADNFCR

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