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How to Make Money Whilst Travelling on a Budget

Travelling on a budget can present the open-minded, inquisitive traveller with a truly unique and life-changing experience, opening up a different, enriching and authentic way of experiencing a country, providing some truly worthwhile aspects of travel that you may not get to experience otherwise.

Working whilst travelling

One of these aspects is working and making money while travelling. This particular aspect of travelling on a budget can be hugely rewarding and a great way to integrate into a community; meet local people and other travellers; and immerse in the culture and language of a place; while enabling you to fund your travels and to keep travelling.

10 different ways to make money

Overcoming the challenges of travelling on a budget by seeking ways to work and make money can require a certain amount of creative thinking and resourcefulness and can be a really satisfying experience.

Here are ten different suggestions, some less common than others, of how to earn money whilst travelling on a budget.

House sitting

House sitting is a great way to travel and see a new country while getting free accommodation and in some cases payment. House sitting usually involves looking after the house, ensuring it’s safe and kept clean and tidy, and looking after the garden and any animals where applicable; in exchange for free accommodation and if you choose the right contract, payment, food and bills may be covered, and even the use of a vehicle.

Travel sponsors

It is possible to get sponsorship to travel. Sounds too good to be true? Admittedly this isn’t going to be one of the easiest routes into making money while travelling on a budget, but it can be a route for some. If you have an interesting and creative idea that enables you to travel and you think you may be able to get sponsorship then look into this as a very plausible way to fund your travel project. Ideas to help you on your way are to support a charity or get celebrity endorsement for your travel idea, both of which could attract a sponsorship deal.

Travel writing, photography or film making

Are you a creative; perhaps a writer who could try their hand at travel writing? Or a talented photographer or film-maker? Does this sound like the start of something exciting using your creative skills to make some money while travelling? It is possible and so is securing funding if you are talented and willing to do your research and approach the right funding opportunities. You could start a travel blog or write content for a travel guide or create your own short film on an aspect of travel or a travel destination.

Online freelancing

Make money while travelling as a freelancer. You really could be freelancer in anything that meets your skills set and there are websites which match freelancers to employers, such as Upwork or Freelancer. Choosing something you can do while on the move that only requires use of a laptop and internet connection is one seriously savvy way of working your way around the world on a budget. Areas of freelance opportunity are vast, including digital design, content writing, coding, translating, online tutoring, online life coaching, online therapist, and digital marketing to name a few.


WOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms and the set up is volunteers work for free board and food. WOOF’ing is a popular way to save some money on accommodation and food whilst travelling. It won’t suit all travellers and isn’t strictly a way to make money while travelling on a budget, but worth including in this blog because it’s a fantastic way to make a difference while travelling and to see a different aspect of life as a traveller on a tight budget and it can lead to paid opportunities.


If you have a sizeable following on Instagram, you may like to consider becoming an Instagram influencer, getting paid to promote brands and travel locations through content on your feed.

Service industry

Working in the service industry while travelling is a really good way of meeting local people and experiencing a taste of the authentic life of an area overseas. In the busy holiday resorts across the globe opportunities can be found over the holiday seasons in areas such as driving, bartending, waitressing, hotel work, and cleaning jobs, for example.


Teaching English overseas can be extremely rewarding and is a hugely popular route into travelling and experiencing different parts of the world. The popular way into Teaching English overseas is gaining a TEFL qualification. It’s possible to secure both short and longer term contracts and many travellers use this as a way of travelling the world, finishing one teaching assignment in one country and moving on to a new assignment in a different part of the world.

Au pair

Becoming an au pair is a well established route into living and working in a country abroad. Au pairs are paid to look after children in a family and would usually live in the family home and receive accommodation and food and often the use of a car in addition to a regular wage. It’s a good way to travel and earn money on a budget, particularly if you like the idea of staying in one place for a while; to really get to know it and experience what it’s like to live there.

Work on a yacht

If life at sea sounds appealing to you, then working on a yacht could be just the ticket to funding your travels. You can gain a post as inexperienced yacht crew working as a deckhand or stewardess and make yourself some money while travelling on a luxury yacht on the open seas

Bucket list on a budget

Whatever way you decide to fund your travels, travelling on a budget is possible, especially if you’re willing to work and are open to new experiences and different ways of making money; as you travel and tick off your destination bucket list on a budget and gain so much more of an experience and enrichment than you might have imagined.

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