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How Can I Volunteer and Fundraise in Australia?

When you move to Australia, it is highly rewarding to volunteer and fundraise. You will meet and befriend a team of inspiring people to work towards an important goal. This gives you great satisfaction and purpose.

With covid-19 restricting travel, more and more charities rely on international support to keep going. There are now few coronavirus cases in Australia, so life is starting to resume and charities are beginning to recruit for new volunteers. With the Australian bushfires devastating land more than usual this year, and covid-19 restricting the country as well, help from volunteers is needed now more than ever.

Wildlife Conservation

Australia’s ecosystem is home to many types of unique wildlife. Few organisations give travellers experience with wildlife without exploiting animals. As this area of volunteering is highly sought out by expats, it is unusual to find a paid position. If you still like the sound of volunteering for animals, then Oceans2Earth are one of finest picks in Australia.

Oceans2Earth Volunteers

Oceans2Earth connect volunteers to a range of wildlife programs in animal welfare. You could fundraise for orangutans, bottle-feed baby kangaroos or koala bears, beach clean, support marine conservation including the Great Barrier Reef, or even monitor wildlife diversity with GPS.

The charity was founded in Melbourne and gives volunteers a truly authentic Australian experiences. There are 1-12 week programs available. Their blog gives more information about their varied work.

Volunteer to help the bushfire crisis

In 2020, the Australian bushfires were worse than previous summers and destroyed several homes, land and lives. Expats already living in Australia can apply to many types of volunteering opportunities to help the devastation caused by the bushfires. Below are some of the best charities and organisations.


This charity help farmers whose land and livelihoods have been affected by the bushfires in Australia. They are recruiting volunteers for on-farm support, tree planting, marketing and other roles that give a helping hand to the cause. You can register on their online enquiry form.

NSW Rural Fire Service

Volunteers at NSW Fire Service respond to fires, road accidents and other emergencies like floods, storms and searches. NSW offer many roles ranging from admin to welfare support, and catering to communications. You do not need experience as they provide training and even support you to get qualifications. Find out more about their volunteering here.


BlazeAid’s goal is to help rebuild bushfire devastation such as fences and other damaged structures on farms. You don’t need experience to join their team and can volunteer without application quickly for as long as you like. You can also clean or cater for the team.

You’ll stay in a tent, caravan or motorhome with be provided meals and PPE. If you do not want to camp with them, you can also support by simply donating, or providing food, building materials, tools or any other ideas you can think of.

Visit BlazeAid’s current camps page for latest information.

Volunteer in retail

If you would prefer a role more like home, retail volunteering will enhance your current skills and prepare you for employment in other countries. Shops tend to have warehouse assistant roles too if fashion and customer service are not your thing.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Vinnie’s assist people in poverty, social injustice and inequality by raising money in their shops internationally. They host a range of volunteers – including those with disabilities, from diverse backgrounds and older volunteers.

They also have several other roles such as carpentry, care and support for disadvantaged people such as those who cannot afford basic necessities.

Red Cross

Red Cross main aim is to raise money for homelessness, and people in poverty. They have shops in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, New South Wales and more. As a volunteer, you’ll help their community and they’re always welcome new people to help them. See volunteer roles available on their careers page. You can also fundraise for them with your own ideas.

Fundraising and donations

You could set up your own fundraising initiatives online through tools such as Everyday Hero, JustGiving or mycause. With the bushfire crisis, a key way to help is donations if you can. There are many organisations that call for donations including:

  • Findabed for people made homeless by a disaster
  • GIVIT for donating Christmas gifts to bushfire victims
  • FareShare rescue food from waste and grow their own for people in need
  • NSW Rural Fire Service for local fire brigades
  • The Salvation Army for those struggling including because of natural disasters
  • FoodBank stop food from going to waste and feed charities, schools and individuals

If you’re planning on volunteering in Australia, you’ll want to be prepared, check out what you need to volunteer overseas and our top five mobile apps for those volunteering abroad.

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