Home schooling can be ""truly personalised"" for expat kids -
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Home schooling can be ""truly personalised"" for expat kids

Choosing to teach children at home helps them to "flourish and grow" at their own rate, says an education expert.

While some expatriate families may choose home education due to a lack of international schools in their place of residence, this decision could have wider benefits.

According to learning charity Education Otherwise, home schooling offers a less target-driven experience in a safe environment.

Ann Newstead, a trustee for the organisation, said: "Home education offers a truly personalised experience. It allows the child to flourish and to grow at their own rate."

She compared children learning at home to organic produce, which is less uniformly shaped than supermarket varieties and more "authentic".

Asked what checks and balances should be in place to protect young people’s development, she said she did not need "any evidence other than my own eyes and [the] daily experience of my child, in order to know that they are learning, growing, adapting, and enjoying".

Commissioned by the UK government, a recent review of home education found that while most parents provide good quality teaching, some children could benefit from better access to work experience and other extracurricular activities.

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