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Guangzhou attracts expatriates

The Chinese city of Guangzhou is becoming increasingly attractive to expatriates, says one Brit who moved there.

British-born expatriate Jonathan Edwards told the New York Times that the city has improved dramatically.

"Five years ago it used to be more down and dirty, with vegetables rotting in the street," he noted.

Mr Edwards runs an education consultancy in the city. He says: "There’s a nice mix of foreigners and hip Chinese."

Previously called Canton, the city is industrial and so far has not attracted tourist status in the same way Shanghai or Beijing have.

According to the paper, the hub of expatriate life is found just north of the city centre, where new arrivals from Russia and Africa can also be found.

Brits thinking to emigrate could also look further afield to towns such as Dalian, which has its own beaches and fashion industry.

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