Govt 'will target expat benefit fraud' -

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Govt 'will target expat benefit fraud'

The government has said it is to take a closer look at expatriates who are claiming benefits.

It says that benefit fraud by people lapping up the sun in other countries is costing the British taxpayer £63 million every year.

Expatriates are entitled to some benefits, such as their pensions. However, according to a BBC investigation conducted on the Costa del Sol, the majority of expatriates knew someone who had defrauded the system.

Martin Fitches from the Department of Work and Pensions told the BBC: "There are one million people here and the vast majority are law-abiding – so we’re working with them to catch the people who are stealing British taxpayers’ money."

The investigation will now also cover the Canary Islands, a favoured destination of British holidaymakers and expatriates.

Living abroad has its perks – many people move for warmer weather or simply to escape the UK’s work culture.

Whatever their motive to relocate, expatriates should be aware of their tax, pension and healthcare insurance situation before they pack their bags.

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