For British expatriate kids 'home is where they are' -
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For British expatriate kids 'home is where they are'

Expatriates considering returning to the UK to show their children home should remember expatriate children make their home where they find it.

That is the opinion of Apple Gidley, writing for the Telegraph, who notes that for the children of Britons living abroad, the UK may not be as appealing as it is for their parents.

"Those of us brought up as global nomads, TCKs (Third Culture Kids), expat brats, whatever monicker you wish to use, learn that the easiest way to cope with multiple moves is to live in the day," she explains.

This, she says, is often in stark contrast to the views of parents who consider the UK home and insist on returning to it.

Ms Gridley goes on to quote expat campaigner Norma McCaig, who said TCK’s are not rootless, but just "spread their roots horizontally rather than vertically".

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in 2006 207,000 people left the country for an expatriate lifestyle.

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