Faster broadband crosses Europe -
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Faster broadband crosses Europe

Expatriates in Scandinavia and some of Europe’s smaller economies may be benefitting from faster internet connections than people living in Britain, France or Germany.

The latest survey from Fibre to the Home (FTTH) revealed that Fibre-optic broadband penetration is greatest in Sweden.

"This ranking is part of the effort we are making to push the FTTH agenda forwards in Europe," said Jan Schindler from the organisation.

He added that the group will continue to promote the benefits of fibre connections and encourage access to such services.

Local governments and smaller net firms have played a key role in connecting homes through fibre cables, Karel Helsen, president of Europe’s FTTH Council told the BBC.

There is no time lag when using such services, he said. This may prove an attractive feature to expatriates using VoIP services to make calls to friends and family back home. Such calls can often be cheaper than using standard telephone packages.

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