Expats and Tourists Must Have Health Insurance in Ecuador

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Expats and Tourists Must Have Health Insurance in Ecuador

As of the 1st May, any foreigners stepping foot on Ecuadorian land must provide proof that they have health insurance. This measure was originally supposed to be implemented in early February. However, the decision was made to extend the deadline by 90 days as initial reports “related to this issue by different media caused concern within the tourist sector” as well as amongst the general population, stated the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Tourism, they stated: “Health insurance for tourists is a meaningful action for the country’s tourism development, due to the benefit it means when choosing Ecuador as a destination., and the well-being of everyone visiting the wonderful country.”

Ecuador is a relatively poor county and is located in South America, bordered by Colombia in the north and Peru in the south. It is home to around 16.3 million people and, despite its downsides, is considered one of the best countries in the world to retire. Currently, the country is primarily reliant on exporting petrol and it is hoped that as the tourism industry continues to grow that this will bring money too.

Ecuador is not the first country to bring in this legislation. A number of countries worldwide have ruled that foreigners must have health insurance cover before visiting or living in the country. Other countries in the world where health insurance is compulsory include the Philippines, Australia, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. Qatar, Kuwait and Malaysia are rumoured to be considering the legislation too.

Expatriate Healthcare in Ecuador

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