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Expats Set New Record in Turkish Elections

The number of expats who voted in the Turkish elections hit an all-time high as polls closed yesterday.

YSK, The Turkish Supreme Election Council, announced the record-breaking figures after voting stations closed for expats in 51 different countries.

Over 1.4million Turkish expats cast their ballot between June 7 to June 19, with over 48.78% of all Turkish citizens living abroad making the decision to vote.

This is all part of Turkeys presidential and parliamentary elections which ends when the final vote is cast on June 24. Six candidates are running for president and eight political parties are up for parliamentary election.

All the votes will be counted at the same time as every expat ballot is sealed and flown by airmail to an election office in Istanbul.

The only hiccup so far is one Turkish woman living in Belgium who attempted to vote twice and as a result is currently under arrest. If found guilty she could be sentenced to up to five years in prison for electoral corruption.

In the result of a prolonged presidential election or a second round, polls will reopen on successive Sunday.

If you’re an expat planning to vote in an upcoming election it is essential that you still consider voting. Even if you don’t think the matter will have much influence on your life because you aren’t planning on returning to your home country for a while, it can still affect friends of family members you’ve left behind.

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