Expats seek to challenge UK pension policy -

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Expats seek to challenge UK pension policy

A consortium of British expat groups has won the right to appeal the UK’s policy on pensions for expatriates.

While many British citizens living overseas may have expat healthcare insurance and regularly pay similar fees to their British counterparts to ensure they have a good safety net, UK regulations mean that pension pots for expats do not rise in line with those for people living in Britain.

Many pensioners now living overseas have found that their pensions do not rise in line with inflation, but are instead frozen at the level in force when they began drawing their pension overseas.

However, the Daily Telegraph reports the pensioners’ consortium has been granted one last opportunity to change that ruling.

The group saw its efforts to throw out the law rejected by the European Court of Human Rights last year, but the body has now agreed to provide the consortium leave to appeal the decision and take their fight to the court’s 17-member grand chamber in September this year.

As the credit crunch hits countries around the world, Shelter Offshore has been providing expats with tips on how to save money.

The website suggests cutting down on drinking and smoking could help expats save their pennies and the move might also reduce their expat healthcare insurance premiums.

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