Expats in the USA Risk Losing Health Insurance Benefits -
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Expats in the USA Risk Losing Health Insurance Benefits

September 30th represents an important date for any expats living in the United States; it’s the cut-off date for a new policy which could see many lose their health insurance benefits. In order for these to continue, it may be necessary to provide additional information to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is tasked with managing and monitoring the US healthcare system.
According to figures published by the US government, discrepancies have been found in over 2 million health insurance applications. Since the introduction of a new computer system, which highlights differences between the official information held on record and that submitted by immigrant claimants, the HHS has been working hard to correct seemingly inaccurate information.
Even now, after months of work, the figure for outstanding claims stands at 300,000. Those who fail to update their records to ensure their accuracy risk losing their healthcare benefits altogether. Those expats living in the USA may find themselves more at risk than others as many spend part of their time in North America and part of it overseas in their home country, risking missing important communication about the situation.
In cases where discrepancies have been found, the US government is now pushing hard for the information to be corrected; especially with respect to those who are seemingly claiming additional health benefits by under-declaring the income that the government believes they are receiving.
But if you’re an expat living in the USA, how do you know if your health insurance may be affected? The HHS is working hard to contact anyone affected by the new policy and individuals affected should receive multiple communications from the HSS. These may take the form of phone calls, letters and emails so those at risk will certainly be aware of the situation well in advance.
Once again it does highlight the issues surrounding health care – and in particular that of expatriate health insurance. As governments around the world are increasingly looking to save money on expensive public healthcare services, having the correct cover before you grow abroad is of growing importance. By signing up for a reliable healthcare policy you can be certain that any health issues you may have while abroad will be handled swiftly and effectively.
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