Expats forced out by Spanish fire -

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Expats forced out by Spanish fire

Fires in Andalucia have forced British expatriates from their homes.

Hundreds of people had to leave their property in south-east Spain as wildfires spread around the town of Mojacar.

The fires followed a period of very high temperatures and fast winds.

One British expatriate told the BBC: "It’s just been so hot. When you went outside it was like sticking your head in an oven."

The fires quickly spread along the Mediterranean coast and have affected people in Spain, Greece, France and Sardinia.

Local authorities responded to the blaze with firefighters, emergency crews and 30 planes tasked to fight their spread.

Wildfires are commonplace in some countries, Australia for example, has regular bush fires that rage across its countryside.

While protected by emergency health cover, Brits should still consider expatriate health insurance to give them additional peace of mind.

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