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Expats advised: Get an overseas pension

Expatriates have been advised to take out an overseas pension as it offers them added flexibility.

According to financial adviser Shelter Offshore, Britons now living as expatriates can pay their pension contributions into an overseas policy and have more control over money transfers.

The firm says: "Offshore pension schemes and retirement-suitable savings schemes are far, far more flexible."

International pensions can also offer more choice for expatriates when they decide how they want their payments to be made.

The Telegraph has also advised expatriates to take advantage of Individual Savings Accounts before they move overseas.

"You are in a unique position as an expat and you do have many financial advantages," notes Shelter Offshore.

Protecting your finances is one thing, making sure you are protected against illness and mishap another.

Before venturing abroad, consider taking time to look at your destination country’s health care facilities and apply for a quote for international health insurance.

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